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Recent blog posts
Posted by on in News

That's how we started on our World Money Show adventure! That VISION led us down the path of many team meetings, tons of great ideas and many creative concepts. Printing, planning, and yes lugging were all involved. Setting-up our booth space, which ended up being double in size, there we all stand. We are ready to meet the events attendees. 

Will anyone come by? We wondered.
Will anyone listen? We wondered some more.
THEY SURE DID! They not only came by, but the flocked to us! They ALL listened. No more wondering needed on MariJ's part. We spoke to and met amazing, supportive investors. They sought us out, they had a plan. They were looking for us, MariJ Pharmaceuticals, Inc., to help EMPOWER their portfolios!
We were a "breath of fresh air" to most of the attendees during our participation at this event. Exhibitor Hall was brought to life by MariJ Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and the energy and synergism we brought with us. We spoke to many people about our services, our products, our trucks, tagging and Research Center. I cannot tell you the amount of positive feedback we received. We spoke to so many people asking various questions, most asked if we were public, the rest ask us when we will be public.
Although I was manning our busy booth during Rick's panel discussion, I heard it went very well. I did, however, have the opportunity to be in attendance at MariJ's private workshop.
Music playing, interests growing, greeting, and scanning each person as they came in to listen. The hum of idol chatter soon dissipated when Rick took to the podium and walked throughout the room to our guests. We had a great turn-out. Knowledgeable, fearless and proud as he spoke about MariJ Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and all that our company encompasses. Audience participation was great, no one saw the mediator waving her "end of session" paper, and if they did, they didn't leave!
Feet blistered, jaws and muscles soar, tired eyes, packing, and yes, more felt so good to sit in the car on the way home. That relaxation lasted about 3.2 minutes, and there we were, onto creating  another VISION, as we go forth with our energy and synergism, and the love for what we are all so gratefully part of.
Off we go to experience the next steps on our adventure called MariJ Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 

Kim Edwards

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Posted by on in News

We are all packed up and ready to go, we are off to Tallahassee, Florida to attend the MMJ Rules Hearing for the great state of Florida, which was held on March 2, 2015!

What an adventure we had……

Thumbs up! Honking horns of encouragement and support, windows down and taking photos! What? The drivers in that car had Oregon plates! The others from New York, Tennessee and Florida! This is how our trip began as we headed north towards Tallahassee. To eye witness the excitement of strangers waving to our drivers was amazing. The more I begin to write about this adventure, the more I realize that hearings and meetings like these bring us all back together, like a brotherhood of sorts. We are looking forward to see our friends, to seeing our acquaintances, and to meet new professionals each and every time we attend any event that pertains to our vision.

We are finally here, watching the extraction truck maneuver around the narrow, tree lined streets of Tallahassee. We are in a maze of brick buildings, in the dark, in the rain, as we drive around the parking lot trying to find the correct building to appropriately park our truck. You see, we want everyone to see it. We want everyone to know that we, MariJ Pharmaceuticals, Inc., is ready.  MariJ is real.

Perfect! We find the best spot, front and center. It was with precision that our driver parks and lowers the jacks. It is now 8:30pm. Time for dinner with our lovely associate, then off to check-in at the hotel.

7:00AM - “Well, no one received that dreaded call in the middle of the night to move the truck, right?”
                “No”, we all answer.

We are off to the 8:00AM meeting!
7:20AM – “I see it! There’s the truck, all is well”
7:45AMSecurity Guard .....   “Good Morning, are you the owners of this truck?”
                MariJ Team ............. “Good morning to you too! Yes, we are. Is there a problem?”
                Security Guard ........“Well, that’s a very nice vehicle, however, I am just getting on duty, let me                                                    make a phone call and we can figure this out”
                MariJ Team ........     “Okay, great!”

(Here we go…)

Big Wig Manager .....“Good Morning, what meeting are you here for? The MMJ Rules Hearing?”
MariJ Team ............. (smiling and proud) “Yes, we are!” (time is 8:15AM – the meeting has already begun)
Big Wig Manager .....“You’ll have to move your truck, you are in front of the wrong building”
MariJ Team ............. “WHAT? Great. Where do we need to go?” (Joe goes zooming to other lot to scope it 
8:40AM – Truck is moved to new lot, MariJ Team just shaking their heads…with a smile! “Figures. That’s what happens when we drive in the pouring rain in the dark.”
8:50AM – Truck looks great, parked on the highest part of the lot and bringing with it perfect exposure.
8:55AM – “Do we have the flyers?” (Our flyers explain our services AND they have a personal invitation for each attendee to come to our truck during the lunch break, because MariJ Pharmaceuticals, Inc. would like to treat them to a catered lunch)

 CHECK, we have them.

You see, not only did MariJ bring one of their trucks; we were catering lunch from 11AM – 1PM for everyone in the meeting! We had a top of the line food truck coming! Woo hoo, everyone was excited! I mean, who doesn’t like a catered lunch? Our team handed all of the invitations out.


10:15AM – A phone call from our caterer. “I have the head of DMS here, yelling at me telling me we have to move the truck (s) immediately.” I tap Rick on the shoulder. “We need to go outside.” (Never a good sign when someone does that, right?)
10:30AM (remember, lunch service is beginning at 11AM)…yeah, that’s not going to happen. Frantic calls to another big wig, we speak to him, no luck. He passes us to a bigger big wig, no answer.  Well, we had to make a decision. It was to do, whatever we were told we needed to do.
We walk outside, we cross the parking lot ,and we are greeted by 2 bicycle police officers. We glance at each other, “Really?”
These officers were truly great to all of us, they even felt badly, but the bottom line was that we had to say “bye, bye” to not only our food truck, that had everything cooking and set-up so nicely, but to our MariJ Pharmaceuticals, Inc. truck! The caterer was more that understanding. We simply asked that they donate all of the food that was pre-purchased to the Tallahassee homeless shelter, and so they did!

“No good deed goes unpunished”, I guess….

10:55AM – OMG, we invited all the attendees, they have our flyer! Let’s go and face the music. With a few deep breaths, slightly shaking our heads, and a tad embarrassed, off we go into the meeting.
11:45AM – MariJ’s driver live parks the truck at the front entrance of the building. Thru the glass we begin to see suits of all different colors, shapes and sizes. Here they come with the invitation, and they all look hungry.
With slightly blushed faces, we break the news.
We can tell you this for a fact.
What a group of classy individuals! They knew we were pained, I mean, I am sure everyone has been in this type of situation before, maybe not in front of such influential people, and maybe not facing everyone all at once, but each and every one of the professionals there understood our plight. Believe me, they were very appreciative of our valiant efforts!

Everything happens for a reason.

What a cliché, but a truthful one.

The MariJ team had wonderful conversations standing out there next to our truck. We witnessed everyone shaking hands, talking, laughing and creating new business relationships. It created an atmosphere of comradery, and that alone seemed to be worth it all.

5:00PM – What a day. Time to go home. Smiling and yes, still shaking our heads all the way to the truck.

We finally sit.

6:15PM – An amazing phone call from across the USA! We are thrilled! Chatting, planning, taking notes.
7:20PM –Phone call ends. Another new adventure lies in the very near future for MariJ.
7:45pm – Phone is ringing. Are you kidding! Chatting, planning, taking notes.

We are just about floating home to Clearwater. Thoughts racing, ideas flowing, it’s all coming together now. Tomorrow is going to be another busy day for us at MariJ Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

We are validated. We are real. We are ready.



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MariJ Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is Now on Twitter

Posted by on in News
MariJ Agriculutral, Inc. has officially joined the Twitter community! Please follow us @MariJNews Continue reading
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Invest In America

Posted by on in News
Invest in America!

I have seen many articles, and witnessed many syndicated agencies speak about this topic. Investing in the marijuana industry is quickly becoming a privileged. That’s right folks, I said it…a privilege. I understand that my choice of word may offend some people and my intent is surely not to do that. However, let’s think about this. How exciting is it for you to become involved in an amazing industry. Today I read a wonderful and exciting article about another Canadian company going public today. What a dream come true for this company and its shareholders! That makes at least 5 that have gone public in Canada so far this year. Canada states that investors are “elbowing for a position” to be part of investing in this industry according to, Daniel Pearlstien an analyst at M Partners. BE AWARE, what I am about to tell you is important.

“American investors, however, need to beware of sinking money into Canadian marijuana companies. A Reuters report in October noted that doing so may be seen as a violation of U.S. money laundering and drug trafficking laws. A spokesman for the Drug Enforcement Administration also said the agency is “most interested in those types of activities.”

That will wake you up!

What is my take on that comment?

Invest in MariJ Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Become a shareholder.

We help people. We are a medical service company. We care about every single person that may benefit from this medicine. We listen to the needs, of not only our industry, but the needs of patients and the needs of the compassionate caregivers of these patients. Having an opportunity to invest in MariJ Pharmaceuticals, Inc., at this level, is a privilege.

Invest in America, invest in MariJ Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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